What is The Mantra Project?

Harnessing the power of mantra to uplift the world.

The world needs you to make it a better place.

“What can you do to uplift the consciousness of the world and truly make a difference?

By chanting mantras daily, the consciousness of the world will change. Please offer your voice and chant with us in this Global effort to make a difference.

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Mantra helps awaken the bliss that is already within you.

What is Mantra?

Mantra is sacred mystical sound that brings one to higher awareness and transcendence even in the midst of everyday life. It is an easy and powerful way to make divine connection.

Mantra enters into the depths of our heart and cleanses our consciousness.

Here is what Sacred Literature says about chanting matras composed of Divine names.

Here is what Sacred Literature says about chanting matras composed of Divine names.

1. Akhila ameeva habhih – It destroys all the karma of the entire world.
2. Ssumangalaih – It creates auspiciousness and good fortune all over the world.
3. Praananti – It brings life to those who are spiritually dead.
4. Shumbanti – It beautifies the entire world.
5. Punanti – It purifies the entire world.

Developed by Soul Tools

The Mantra Project was developed by Soul Tools, a non-profit organization aimed at uplifting the consciousness of the world through mantra and sacred wisdom. To learn more about Soul Tools, click below.

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